Metabolic Cooking: My Favorite Way To Stay In Shape

hot peppers metabolicAs I’ve gotten older I’ve found that I need to take a different approach to staying in shape and working out. These days, it seems like all the youngsters are doing CrossFit, and lifting weights and doing other sorts of intense exercise that just seem way too extreme to me at this point.

Of course exercise is only one piece of the puzzle, and eating healthy is probably actually an even bigger factor in whether or not a person is able to stay good physical condition. And I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with metabolic cooking. If you are unfamiliar¬†with metabolic cooking, basically the idea is that you can eat foods that actually help you to burn more calories and fat. Cool? You burn fat by eating! Totally awesome.

On the exercise side of things, one of the big changes that I have made in my exercise regime is to incorporate a lot more yoga. I know what you might be thinking, isn’t yoga more of a type of meditation or stretching rather than a type of a workout? This is a fair question, and I have found that a lot of people don’t really understand what yoga is or all of the amazing health benefits that they can achieve with yoga. In fact there special yoga programs you can do that not only help you to relax and become more flexible, but that are also specially designed to help you drop a couple of pounds build some muscle and improve your overall physique.

The fact is that you can burn a lot of calories doing yoga if you do it the right way, and unlike other forms of exercise they can be quite strenuous and take a real toll on your body, such as jogging, or circuit training with weightlifting equipment, when you do yet the you are strengthening your joints and gang in touch with your body more, so it’s really unlikely that you’re going to injure yourself during a yoga workout.

Of course there are many other types of exercise like swimming, and walking that I also enjoy and participate in regularly, but these days I would have to say that yoga is probably my type of exercise routine.